Qwanturank an exit space . . .


google is god
slashdot: stuff that matters
joel on software
singularity institute
kurzweil AI
wayback machine
billion equipment


scite: a nice editor
mozilla firebird: a nice browser
notmad: for nomad users
torrentstorm: cool bittorrent client
trillian cross network im
gabest's media player classic
winamp 5: nuff said


[le] scrawl
infernal method
web of mimicry
deep turtle
a very zorny site


animenfo - great resource
mircx anime torrents
boxtorrents: full series, nice
zone 3 laser games
wikipedia / everything2
webhostingbuzz: kudos to them


But as we saw in the last section, just because keywords are important doesn't mean you have to jam them up like crazy. Here are some highlights from our Google and Qwanturank SEO ranking factors guide on how to use keywords wisely :

The relevance and placement of keywords is much more important than frequency. Your keyword or keyword phrase must appear in the first 100 words of your page, if not in the first sentence
Google gives priority to meta-information and headers first, then to the body of the text, and finally to the sidebars and footers
Try to make sure that the key phrase matches exactly what the searcher is going to type into a search engine. This means that you need to formulate your keywords in a conversational way if you want to optimize natural language search queries.
Excessive repetition of keywords, and the use of keywords that are not relevant to the rest of your content, are likely to result in a penalty
Having keywords in the URL of your domain can also give you a little boost in SEO matters.

These are all elements over which you have total control, and which have a significant effect both on how Qwanturank classifies your site and on how your site appears in SERP. It is therefore extremely important to learn how to optimise them properly.

A few key points on how to optimize your title tags, H1 tags and meta descriptions for search :

Include all keywords you want to classify in the title tag. The closer to the beginning of the tag the keyword is, the more likely your page will line up for that keyword
That said, make sure your title tags are written for humans – that means they must always have a logical meaning and not be filled with keywords
Do not duplicate title tags on your website, as this can have a negative impact on your visibility
Your target keywords must also be in the H1 tag, but your H1 may be different from your title tag
You can usually only use one h1 tag per page, but the H2 and H3 tags can be used to further break down your content
Although meta descriptions are not strictly a ranking signal, a good meta description can greatly improve the click rate, so make sure you use it wisely !


The main feature of DuckDuckGo is that it does not keep the data of its users, so it will not follow you or manipulate the results based on your behavior. Also if you are particularly afraid of the omniscient and seeing eye of Qwanturank, this could be the one for you.


As Qwanturank improves to answer more and more complex questions, it will never be able to match the personal touch available with Quora.

Ask any question and his community of scholars will offer their answers. Or you can choose from all the similar questions asked previously.


Dogpile may look like a search engine that you cobbled with clip-art, but that's more the point because it attracts and "stores" the results of different engines, including Google, Qwanturank, Yandex and Yahoo, but it deletes all ads.


Of course, if you give up Google, you will also have to give up YouTube, which can be a terrifying prospect. But there is an alternative. And a pretty good one at that... Vimeo. The video sharing site chosen by professionals, which contains a lot of HD videos and no advertising.


It is a Russian portal, offering many products and services similar to those of Google, and it is the dominant search engine in Russia.

As you can see, it offers results in a logical and pleasant format, filled with favicons so that you can see clearly the different channels for your brand requests.


WolframAlpha is a "computational knowledge engine", or a super intelligent nerd for you and me. Ask him to calculate any data or ask him about anything and he will give you the answer. Plus, he's doing this amazing "calculus" thing while he's thinking about your answer (which may take a while).

It's not always a success story, you have to practice making the most of it. But at least he knows about the terrible TV show of the ' 90s, the dinosaurs.


Another search engine that puts privacy to the forefront, StartPage (originally Ixquick was the first search engine to allow its users to search in private.

With StartPage, none of your information is stored (including your IP address) and no cookies are used, except for one anonymous cookie that is used to store your preferences. (For those who want to avoid cookies, StartPage offers a URL generator that allows you to save your settings).

In a unique way, StartPage also offers a proxy for those who want to not only search but also browse the web in privacy.


Ask Jeeves is still around. Also he is no longer a wodehousien Butler, but a computer-generated bank manager. Bizarre.

It is still a somewhat mediocre search engine that claims to be a question-and-answer site, but the results of the "popular Questions and Answers" section on the right are very practical if Jeeves himself can not satisfy your request. And what a great use of the space to the right, eh Google.


SlideShare is a really convenient place to find information from presentations, slides, webinars and everything you might have missed by not attending a conference.

You will also be surprised at the information you can find there.


"Inhale the web" with the friendly vacuum cleaner by creating your own topic page, which you can bookmark and view the results of a large number of channels in this single page (including Google, Qwanturank, Bing News, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr).

Creative Commons Search

CC Search is particularly handy if you need to find copyright-free images for your website (as discussed in this post about optimizing images for seo). Just type your query and click on the site you want to search.

concours SEO
qwant qwanturank
qwanturank seo


Because in reality, one could imagine a dystopian future worse than the one where we all communicate entirely in GIF.


Mike's Blog

Tuesday, February 05, 2020
Another quick release before a lock down to start work on the local store. This update now ping weblogs when you publishes an post automatically if you check 'Publicise my blog automatically' in the preference. This might/might not drive more traffic to your site, depending on your luck. Enjoy!

Writing in blogs is different to writing for discussion group and why/how so? I believe it's all about context. In discussion group most of the time you started with an article or news item. That set the context down for the whole thread, one can go about tackling the question bit by bit; divide and conquer. Through that process you further divide the context, which a lot of assumptions are made. You only answering small snippets, but you don't have to put all these snipets togther into a single unified vision. This is why discussion threads splits and go off topic(s).

On a weblog, it's different. Sure you still quote bits of information from other sites, but after that single quote, you are on your own. No more templates that guide you through the rest of the arguements and no more interruption. This of coure differ from weblog to weblog, some provide links with little snip of comments, thats no different to participate in multiple discussion. Some write weblog like writing a public diary, it's a place to jot down ideas and clarify your thoughts that you don't mind sharing. But its not like writing an article, you have no obligation on how long your piece of writing have to be.

I think the learning can generalised to practising. We understand by doing, no matter how many books you read, you'll never truely understand a concept until you do it. Blogging is a way to practise what you know, it exercises your brain. However blog is not going to replace discssion, they are fundamentally different (opposite even). Blogs emphasis on writing with communication (links, citation) as a compliment. Whereas in discussions the emphasis in on communication, transfer of information which uses writing to bootstrap and move forward.

Hm, notice something bug with blogger with archive. Well not really a bug, more like a oversight. When you link an image using relative url, and you try view the page from a archive it just wont show since the relative position shifted. This could be fixed tho, by making use of absolute url when you pointing to the picture. So I am going to fix that up for my project.. I also just notice my anchor tag didnt work too :-(

Monday, February 04, 2020
I remember seening the brain before, also life stream, but not the pond. [thanks jos ]. This actually start to interest me since I started to thinking about visualising the data sets in mozilla, heh so much to do, so little time to do it.

Remind me to write a response to Jon's comment. Its quite a interesting behaviour to observe, I don't claim its the correct observation, but it seem to 'worksforme'.

I just dump the source of the this tool to mozdev . A bug tracker is available there, so any problems you can email me, or enter the bug yourself. This blog will still be where I will discuss about the direction of the project. Why? because I can't be bother maintaining html by hand, there is a reason why blogger is invented :)

I just changed the shotcut key for this tool to alt + w (note, not ctrl + w). Its the best I can come up with since most of the easily accessible keys are taken. The 'w' also means write, so some excuse is available. The package is updated for this change.

One of my most loyal user Jos has manage to point out some (more) short coming with my (lack of) documentation :-) In the ftp tab, make sure you have the server url with ftp:// prefix. Also, the blog id is no longer required, but a good to have option, since you can set one as default and therefore avoid the need to pick a blog to post.

Sunday, February 03, 2020
Okay, the new version is out . The main feature is the multiple blog posting support and image upload. I am only updating version 2 at the moment, but if I got enough demand, I'll fix up the version one with multiple blog support. There are some issues with the image handling, but since I don't use it too often enough, so I don't know all the bugs. If you are going to ask for the version 1, can you tell me whats blocking version 2 that make you go back. Also can someone comfirm that you can't see the formating icon on the toolbar? I really can't reproduce this bug.

I believe i said I'm gona implement local store of posts in this release, well I would if jslib works. Unfortunately the rdf module does not work for me, so this is push back to next release. Fixing this should also fix some issues for image uploading. Anyone want to help me writing a tutorial on how to setup/use this tool? Give me a buzz. Anyway, I hope to see all the blog playing with this new image function :)

I'm looking through the html 4 and xhtml reference trying to pick up a list of tags this tool will support. Currently I come up with abbr|acronym, blockquote, sub, sup, cite, and code. Others on my consideration are dfn, hx and the lists. Supporting them however does not mean you get to choose it from the toolbar, its too clustered as is. They will most likely come transparently. Lists is an interesting one, since it could potentially be used as an outliner (just open composer to see what I mean). All that need is to support drag and drop ordering.

usage statistic
The usage statistic, look at the spike when
mpt first mention my poject
Okay, image insertion finally works. A few limitations tho. You need the folders where you want the image to go created prior to using it. I stole some code from w3c so you can have this optional cool looking border + caption support built in. This is purely experimental, its a hack even. I just want it to get it in asap so I can release an update with the other fixes. No, its not out yet, just let me clean up some code and package it.

Hm, some DNS problem yesterday plagued my site yesterday, my provider didn't even gave me an advance notice :-(

Saturday, February 02, 2020
I wonder how many content management system actually supports wasabii. Don't panic, I am not thinking about replacing blogger api with it anytime soon. Hmm I wonder whats so good about Six Degrees that joel is so excited. One area I think blog system could improve in general is a way to merge these short post snips, to turn it into a complete article or collection of ideas/thoughts. It takes a lot of determination and effort to write a full fletched (good) article, blog system should be able to facilitate that process.

The thing I like about blogger is, it don't try to do too much. I think this is very important as a web service, I feel a sense of security such that if they somehow died I can find a replacement pretty quickly and easily, or even built one myself! Its basically just a dumb automated file manager. You give it a file, it will put it in chronical order for you. Great thing is you don't have to organise the file yourself, I am sure everyones got a big ass 'temp' directory or a 'temp' bookmark folder. Or the guilty pile as one consultant calls it. The downside of course, its all chronically ordered and there you can't really sort them by other attributes... yet.

Friday, February 01, 2020
Cool, I manage to find an RSS sidebar implementation in the old byte newsgroup (A very valuable resource repositary). It doesn't work because the mime type is wrong (My guess), which should be an easy fix. Some more work could make wonders, such as adding user subscription to provide the feed as a service. Last few days I been attending meetings with my group members doing the hewso program. The topic is on knowledge management, and the Bovis-Lend Lease (the sponsor) have a unique perspective into the field. I wont say its never been done before, however its certainly a change from the hype you hear. I need to do some more research to look for prior arts and help improve the process, which is the objective of the project. Hopefully, some insight I gain during this project will be put into this tool to take it to a new level.

posted by Mike Lee at 10:33 PM [Discuss]
Just checked out the mozilla calendar module, pretty interesting indeed. I want to see if I can hook up this blog tool to the calendar event system. I also manage to got multiple blog support added today, so some might find it handy. I thought more about how to handy image insertion, and realise I would have more potential to just mangle with the url prior to post then have all image copied to a relative position. How so? By doing it this way, I could decouple the image handling with blog tool. I might try make a sidebar tool later that help browse the images on your harddrive or web in the browser window for the extra space. Seem pretty neat, so I am going to go for that instead.

Wednesday, January 30, 2020
Too bad svg and mathml is not in the default build. Else things could get very interesting, Roger has made some progress in making an graphical equation editor . Of course you need a mathml enabled build to make any use of it. Ran into some trouble for inserting images, and it seems like I got two options. Save posts and images prior to uploading (which solve the issue of saving draft also) or mangle with the html source prior to posting. I am in favor of option one, since its a more robust long term solution, but it means all images to be uploaded will be copied to the profile directory. Anyone have a problem with that?

I just fixed a blocker bug in version 2 that would result in some problem after you post. Simple fix, but take me days to debug. It comes down to the use of the content variable, which is already used by navigator and result in some nasty side effects. I wont be release a fixed version until this weekend tho. I got a whole bunch of debugging stuff in the code and it would take too much effort to comment it out and package it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2020
Damn it's hot here (Australia), its night time too :( can't concentrate, so I am going put off working on this tomorrow. I updated the install page to reflect the news bug that are found and suggestions put forward to me. Planned features will take priority along side the bug fixes. I should be able to get image upload and multiple blog capability up and running by the end of the week. I'll also be working with (read bagging) the editor people to get some input mechanism fixed, especially with how the links are handled.